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It’s that time of year again! Time to vote in your favourite Canadian working in film, television or digital media.

The voting process has changed this year – be sure to read ahead.



There are a total of four (4) voting periods during which you may vote.
Voting Period 1: Wednesday 1/17 1pm ET – Monday 2/5 11:59:59pm ET Only Online Voting with 10 Nominees  + Write-In
Hold tight while we tally your votes!
Voting Period 2: Friday 2/9 1pm ET – Tuesday 2/20 11:59:59pm ET Online Voting + Social Voting with Final 10 nominees
Vote tallying.
Voting Period 3: Friday 2/23 1pm ET – Tuesday 2/27 11:59:59pm ET Online Voting + Social Voting with Final 5 nominees
Vote tallying!
Voting Period 4: Friday 3/2 1pm ET – Sunday 3/11 8:30pm Online Voting + Social Voting with Final 3 nominees

You may vote by:
(1) going to (the “Site”) and voting on the Site by using your registered Facebook account information or by entering an email address and following the steps to submit a vote for the nominee of choice;
(2) logging into your registered Facebook account, visiting the Canadian Screen Awards Facebook Page and commenting on the promoted Facebook post with #AudienceChoice and your nominee of choice; or
(3) logging into your registered, public Instagram account and posting an image with #AudienceChoice and your nominee of choice in the caption.
You are limited to 100 votes per per calendar day (based on Eastern Time) per platform user ID.
You may only vote for one nominee per Facebook comment or Instagram post.
Nominees are subject to change by voting period.

It’s time to choose who’s taking home a Canadian Screen Award for the Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Award! Not sure how to vote? Read below and don’t miss the CANADIAN SCREEN AWARDS broadcast on Sunday, March 11 on CBC!


Who can vote?

Where can I see all of the nominees so far?

How long do I have to vote?

How were the Top 10 Contenders chosen?

When are the Canadian Screen Awards?


Who can vote?

Voting is only open worldwide for online voting – there are no geo restrictions. In the Instagram and Facebook voting stages, voting is also worldwide, but from public accounts only. Employees of the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, Telescope Inc. or their affiliated companies, promotional partners, advertising agencies, and/or members of their immediate families (spouses, children, siblings and parents, regardless of where they live) and/or persons living in the same household as such persons, whether or not related, are ineligible to vote.



Where can I see all the nominees so far?

Visit to see all the nominees per Voting Period (as set forth in the Voting Rules) and cast your vote!


How long do I have to vote?

Open Voting Periods don’t last long, – make sure to get your votes in ASAP!  Visit to see all the nominees per Voting Period and cast your vote.


How were the Top 10 Contenders chosen?

The Academy selected 10 stars to kick off the voting for THE COGECO AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD.  As always, the public can nominate their own favourites in addition to the 10 currently on our website.


We based our initial selection on a number of criteria:

– Stars we know have large fan bases and social media followers, and are engaged with their followers

– Stars that represent various facets of our industry – i.e. television, film and digital

– We strove for a balance between male and female

– In order to provide a new and diverse Top 10 some popular choices were left off the initial list, as their proven strong fan bases have the opportunity to vote them in as a ‘fan favourite’ in round 1

– The winner of the previous year’s award is not eligible to win 2 years in a row


On Friday, March 2 at 1pm ET all the votes will be tabulated and we will reveal the top three contenders, which may or may not include the stars that the public nominate.  At that point, the voting page will reflect only those three stars, and voting will continue until the evening of the broadcast, at which time, the winner will be announced and awarded on live television.


When are the Canadian Screen Awards?

The Canadian Screen Awards broadcast will air Sunday, March 11 at 8pm (9 AT; 9:30 NT) LIVE on CBC!


The live stream of the Canadian Screen Awards broadcast will air Facebook Live through the CBC’s Facebook page:



What classifies as cheating?

In an attempt to provide voting opportunities to fans of all ages and of varying technological backgrounds, we offer sign-in via Facebook login and email login.


When logging in via email address it is presumed that only existing personal or business email addresses will be used for the purposes of fan voting. Creating new emails for the sole purpose of voting for the #AudienceChoice award is considered cheating. Entering an email address that doesn’t exist or that is invalid is also considered cheating. The IP address attached to computers logging in with multiple emails can be detected and blocked from further voting.


How are we safeguarding against cheating?

By setting a limit of 100 votes per day, we are safeguarding against bots and ‘robo-voting’. In order to prevent what we have defined as cheating (see above), we are also monitoring votes via IP addresses and have the ability to completely block an IP address from voting for the remainder of the campaign or voting period. We can also invalidate votes previously made by users who have created multiple emails for the sole purpose of voting for the #AudienceChoice award. A user will be notified before an IP address is blocked, if cheating is in question.


By logging in to place a vote in the Cogeco Fund Audience Choice Awards, the user agrees to play fair. The Academy holds the right to invalidate votes and to block IP addresses where evidence of foul play has been detected.


What is an IP address? How can cheating be detected?

Your IP address is a unique string of numbers separated by periods that identifies each household using the internet. You can find out your IP address by clicking here.


If an unusual number of emails/logins are being used from the same IP address (household), we are able to detect foul play and block further voting for the remainder of the campaign or voting period.