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1. How do you define ‘emerging’?

The Canadian Academy defines “emerging directors” as the following: a director or AD with at least one feature or two short films.  Individuals with less than 5 years’ experience directing content in student films*, television, digital media, music videos, gaming and/or commercials would also fit the criteria.



*High School Films do not count as a student film and are not eligible


2. Is there an application fee?
There is no fee to apply for the apprenticeship.


3. Who should write my letter of reference?
Your letter of reference should be written by someone you have worked with (or for) that can speak to your experience and provide support as to why you would benefit from being in the program.


4. How are the recipients selected?
Each applicant will be reviewed and selected by our curated Advisory Committee comprised of a distinguished and diverse group of executives, directors and producers from across Canada.


5. When/how will I be notified if I’m selected?
Each chosen applicant will be confidentially notified in mid-August. Best efforts will be taken to provide travel and accommodation to have all apprentices’ at the Academy reception and TIFF.   The six recipients will be announced to the public and industry on September 6, 2017 at a private reception hosted by The Canadian Academy.


6. Is this a paid apprenticeship?
Apprentices will be paid $18/hour for the hours they spend shadowing their mentor, up to 25 hours/month. Participation in bi-weekly online sessions with other participants and guests speakers is mandatory and unpaid. Costs associated with program travel and accommodation to select film festivals in Canada will be covered by the program with a small per diem provided to participants. Time spent attending the festival is unpaid.


7. If I am unable to commit to the expected time allotment each month, can I still apply?
Ability to commit to the six (6) month program is mandatory however if adjustments to the 20-25 hrs per month need to be made on an individual basis, that can be discussed with your mentor as long as the time requirement is completed by the end of the mentorship. Scheduled bi-monthly virtual google hangout meetings cannot be missed.


8. Who are the mentors/Are all the mentors female?
The mentors will been chosen based on their high caliber of contribution to the Canadian film, television and/or digital media industry, as well as criteria set out by the Canadian Academy. Our focus is to provide female apprentices with female mentors. However, if a situation arises where this is not possible we will be diligent in finding a suitable replacement.


9. Can I choose my mentor?
The Academy Apprenticeship for Women Directors aims to provide the most advantageous mentee/mentor relationship during the apprenticeship. We will strive to connect each recipient with a suitable director and welcome your suggestions but cannot guarantee you will be paired with your requested mentor.


10. What are my chances of being chosen?
This will depend on the number of applications we receive. Best efforts will be made to have apprentices representing all regions of Canada.

11. I currently work in the industry as a Producer/Performer/Other but I want to get into directing. Can I apply?
The program is designed to provide mentoring skills for emerging female directors. It is not meant to be a teaching or entry to learning to direct so if you do not have any experience directing we encourage you to start there to gain some experience and apply next year.


12. I’m not sure I’m eligible to apply?
If you have any directing experience but are unsure you have enough, you can contact our office for clarification. We encourage all female content creators with some experience directing to apply.


13. Will this be an annual opportunity or is this a one-off?
The Academy’s intention is to have this as an annual program provided we have sufficient sponsorship and support to finance the program for a minimum of 5 years.


14. My first language is French, will it be possible to have a French mentor? Can I apply in French?
It may be possible to provide a French mentor if you are selected but we cannot guarantee it. This is an English language program and twice a month all 6 apprentices will virtually meet to have discussions which will be moderated in English. Applications must be received in English however we can accept your letter of reference in French.