It’s that time of year again! Time to vote in your favourite Canadian working in film, television or digital media. Don’t see your fave on the list? Write them in and get your friends to do so too.
The voting process has changed this year – be sure to read ahead.

There are a total of four (4) voting periods during which you may vote.

Voting Period 1:
Wednesday 1/17 1pm ET – Monday 2/5 12:59:59pm ET
Only Online Voting with 10 Nominees  + Write-In

Hold tight while we tally your votes!

Voting Period 2:
Friday 2/9 1pm ET – Tuesday 2/20 11:59:59pm ET
Online Voting + Social Voting with Final 10 nominees

Vote tallying.

Voting Period 3:
Friday 2/23 1pm ET – Tuesday 2/27 11:59:59pm ET
Online Voting + Social Voting with Final 5 nominees

Vote tallying!

Voting Period 4: Friday 3/2 1pm ET – Sunday 3/11 8:30pm 
Online Voting + Social Voting with Final 3 nominees


You may vote by:

(1) going to (the “Site”) and voting on the Site by using your registered Facebook account information or by entering an email address and following the steps to submit a vote for the nominee of choice;

(2) logging into your registered Facebook account, visiting the Canadian Screen Awards Facebook Page and commenting on promoted Facebook posts with #AudienceChoice and your nominee of choice; or

(3) logging into your registered, public Instagram account and posting an image with #AudienceChoice and your nominee of choice in the caption.

You are limited to 100 votes per per calendar day (based on Easter Time) per platform user ID.

You may only vote for one nominee per Facebook comment or Instagram post. Nominees are subject to change by voting period.